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MCR at the O2! - jenni146
MCR at the O2!
Right i've never even attempted to right up a proper review before so this will proabably end up being a lot of rambling but meh! I will attempt it....

Right so Thursday started out like any other day - except for the fact that i was up stupidly early to get ready for the gig! I then went to my biomed lecture at 11 (against my better judgement) only to wish i hadn't have bothered as i ended up doodling lyrics on my notebook and wishing i had left for the gig! So yeah i left halfway through and got to the O2 around 1ish.

Met this wicked cool girl called Maritza (from Chilly) at the underground and spent the whole day with her queuing. She saved my space for me when i went to get some merchandise and then we met her friend Steph and the three of us stayed together until we got into the arena at like half 6.
I lost them as soon as MSI came onstage but i wasn't all that bothered as i always go to MCR gigs on my own. Yeah MSI were fucking awesome! I really didn't think i'd like em' but they put on suuuch a good show! They were all dressed in neony colours and they totally rocked the stage! And as for Lyn-Z OH MY GOD! How freaking awesome is she! I didn't know who she was AT ALL when Gee married her, but gawd she is soooo uber cool, i was in awe!

So yeah i spent the first part of the gig being crushed at the front (i was like 6 rows from the stage) and i stayed there when MCR opened with The New Song and a few songs after that. But i was so fucking hot and thirsty and kept getting pushed over (HUGE thankyou to the people who helped me back up!) that i moved further back where i actually had room to breathe! It was soooooo much better! I could actually see the whole of the stage without risking a serious injury!

And OMG they played Bullets stuff! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! When the intro for Honey started up i was like shit shit SHIIIIIIT! And then went completely crazy because god they actually played Bullets songs!! And then when Headfirst started up i was like COULD THIS GET ANY BETTER?!?! It was bloody amazing!
And then just when i thought it couldn't get better than that, the lights were dimmed and Gee came onstage and it was all misty and shit, and he sung Cancer and GOD. It was unbelievable. Everyone had their lights out and were swaying along and singing and it was just so moving i was close to tears. He finished with a bow and a 'goodnight London' at which point i had a mild panic attack thinking the gig was over but then Ray came back onstage and i could breathe again!
He started playing this awesome acoustic solo and it seriously showed just how talented the guy is. He was AMAZING! Then Gerard came back onstage and Ray started up the beginning to Desert Song! THEYFUCKINGPLAYEDDESERTSONG!!!! OH. MY. GOD. I never in a million years thought i would get to see that live! It was mindblowing, phenomenal, just WOW! Words cannot even begin to explain that night!

I'm sure i did far too much jumping on my already injured foot, and have lost about a days sleep but god it was totally worth it! The stage lights were unbelievable, from the flames in Mama to the fireworky things at the end of Famous Last Words. They certainly went out with a bang!

Bob and Frank were greatly missed, but the guys totally made up for the fact that they weren't there - even though it killed me they weren't! But Mikey's back! *Dances* So awesome to have him back with the band again!

But anyway - i've been rambling. Yeah it was UNBELIEVABLE!

I was so lucky to be there *so* lucky, god it was amazing. Best night of my life, period.

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